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It’s an important question when making an awning investment: what size awning do I need? Whilst we cannot answer it directly, we can guide you through popular size choices for awnings and what you’re most likely to need. The size of an awning can depend on various factors such as use, coverage and location. 


Do your measurements and ensure your awning won’t be obstructing anything important, like side windows or shop names. Bring those details to Mill Reef Signs and we can create a brand new awning based on your requirements. We can inform you of your size choices during that process, or you can read on and learn more about what size awning you might need. 


Choosing the right size awning for your caravan is relatively easy, given the various sizing guides available online. Measuring your caravan is also known as the “A-Measurement” and consists of the distance from the ground, all the way around the awning rail and back down to the ground. This provides you with the measurements you need to purchase a full-size awning, with sizes for caravans available from 725 to 1100. It’s important to get your dimensions as accurate as possible, to prevent anything but a perfect fit. 


There are three types of awnings available for caravans: Full Awnings, Porch Awnings and Combi Awnings. Most awning providers will have a size guide for their customers, but Mill Reef Signs creates awnings designed to your measurements and requirements. 

Shop Fronts

The most popular choice of awnings for shop fronts are: Non-Cassette Awnings, Half-Cassette Awnings and Full-Cassette Awnings. These often extend from 5 feet up to 10 feet, with some extending further, and can be retracted back to the wall. Retractable awnings are ideal for shop fronts as they can be rolled up at the end of a working day. 


Your shop front awning mustn’t obstruct traffic, pedestrians or other shops, as you might be asked to remove it. Measure the distance available and choose your perfect awning size. Your awning can be customised to include your company name, with the choice of colours and style also left in your hands. 

Patios or Home Use

Awnings for patio or home use have fewer restrictions, as you own the property it will be located on. Maximum widths for patio awnings are usually around the 7m wide mark, with the average home awning measuring in at 3 metres wide. The main purpose of patio awnings is to provide adequate shelter from the weather, so ensure your awning size will create the shade you require. However, you don’t want your awning blocking all the sun. Speak with Mill Reef Signs today to find the perfect size awning for your patio. 


Check the size of your outdoor space before purchasing a patio awning, and let us know what size you’re looking for. Mill Reef Signs creates personalised patio awnings for business and home use, tailored to your size requirements. 

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