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London winds can be extremely strong and dangerous, especially with frequent storms throughout the year, which leads to people speculating how exactly awnings London are durable. 

At Mill Reef Signs, we understand how relentless London wind can be, therefore we thought of every little detail when designing our awnings London to ensure protection of you and your property as well as the quality of your awnings London.

Choosing the Right Awning for Your Weather Needs

There are multiple factors we advise you keep in mind when choosing your best suited awning London such as:

  • Fabric

It’s crucial to consider your environment such as the weather type that occurs the most as well as its extremity when choosing a fabric for your awnings London. 

Secondly, always choose a sturdy fabric that is built to last with premium materials for your awnings London. Note that water resistant fabrics undergo rigorous testing to prevent fading and weathering. 

The most commonly used fabrics are vinyl, polyester, acrylic and cotton, with copper, steel and fibreglass often used for the frame. The most popular awnings London are usually made out of acrylic and vinyl due to their high durability levels and resistance to weather, with both of them protecting against UV light, mould and mildew growth. 

At Mill Reef Signs, we supply premium quality acrylic sheets for our awnings London. We offer a variety of acrylic swatches, ranging from the basic colour sets to the new range of Frost, Fluorescent, Glitter, Mirror and Pearlescent.

Budget is of course an important factor when choosing a fabric. If you are on a low budget, there is nothing wrong with opting for an inexpensive canvas awning. However, note that it might not last more than a few seasons. If higher quality and luxury is what you’re seeking, you will want to opt for acrylic awnings London.

  • Function – Retractable or Non-retractable?

Awnings London are used to withstand a number of different weather types such as high levels of direct sunlight as well as extreme rain and winds. 

The most favoured choice for awnings London is retractable, both manual and motorised. They’re proven to be useful all year round with their foldable abilities reducing the wear and tear from storms, resulting in a longer lifespan. Retractable awnings London also decrease the impact wind can deliver, serving as a weather-resistant for various properties.

If extreme weather conditions are predicted, it’s vital that your awning is fully retracted beforehand as attempting to do so during strong winds can cause serious damage to the awning, property and user.

We provide both retractable and non-retractable awnings around South London, thus having immense knowledge on the weather conditions and the type of retractable awnings that work best. We test all of our awnings London for reliability at different wind speeds. 

Our retractable awnings London only take up to 2 hours to install as they are generally lighter in weight and already pre-assembled. We can also easily adjust all of our retractable awnings London in size and are perfect if you’re struggling for space. 

  • Sizing

It’s extremely important that your awnings London provide adequate shade. Because the sun moves in different positions during the day and wind can come from varying directions, you need to make sure that your awnings London is large enough and at a certain angle to provide shade at all times. 

Our experienced design team at Mill Reef Signs recommend an angle between 30 and 50 degrees as it is often the most effective angle in blocking out intense sunlight during summer but allows it to seep through during the dark winter months whilst also protecting you against rainfall.

Additionally, the size of awnings London differ depending on the use. For instance, shop fronts and patios will have different sized awnings.

That’s why our awnings London specialists at Mill Reef Signs offer custom awnings tailored to your specific needs and measurements. 

  • Quality and Details

Good quality awnings London are bound to last for longer in these versatile weather conditions. 

Attention to detail is key, so finishing touches such as colour co-ordinated stitching on the fabric along a full cassette that provides protection from harsh weather conditions will ensure a seamless installation with fantastic coverage as well as an aesthetically pleasing outdoor space. 

We specialise in bespoke high-quality awnings London for commercial and residential properties. Our reputation is built on our excellent customer service and fantastic quality products. 

We offer a full in-house design service. Our awnings London specialists can fulfil all of your requests, from LED light boxes with vibrant graphics to 3D lettering to laser cutting and personalised, quick turnaround digital printing. We prioritise communication and understanding your needs. As soon as you call, your work stops and ours begins. 

  • Design

You should always pick an awnings London look that fits you and your brand or home’s style and personality whilst still being durable in the wind. 

Both practical and stylish, Mill Reef Signs’ awnings London tailor each and every one of our designs to you, so whether it’s a cosy new awning for your garden or a more sleek and professional awning for your business, we’ll provide you with a spectacular service. 

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