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When it comes to purchasing an awning that’s right for your business, it’s good to understand what options are available to you. Here at Mill Reef Signs, we are the experts when it comes to all things awnings and we are here to offer our expertise to those who are wanting to find out more about cassette awnings.


What is a non-cassette awning?

This is where the housing of the awning is completely exposed. When the awning has been retracted, the fabric will be exposed to the elements and is, therefore, more susceptible to damage. For those who may be concerned about costs, a non-cassette awning is a great option, especially for smaller spaces.



What is a half cassette awning?

Half cassette awnings (also known as semi-cassette awnings) are awnings with ‘half’ a cassette that sits on top of the fabric roll. These half cassette awnings are partially covered systems that give owners better protection from dirt and the weather in comparison to non-cassette awnings. In a majority of cases, it is the top half of the awning system that is covered leaving the bottom half exposed.


Half cassettes are usually considered to be the cheaper alternative and are a great option for creating shade or shelter in a garden or patio.



What is a full cassette awning?

When it comes to full cassette awnings, this is where the roller, fabric cover, and arms are protected and stored away and retracted leaving no parts of the mechanism exposed, giving your awning greater cover from the elements.



Do I need a non-cassette, half cassette or a full cassette awning?

Dependent on your budget and your needs, when it comes to deciding whether you could benefit from a non, half or full cassette awning, have a chat with one of our team members today. There are many pros and cons for each to help suit your needs.


For example, a full cassette has superior protection for your awning against the elements, however, they are normally larger than the half cassette awning. That means that if you’re a little space-conscious, a half cassette may be a better choice. If your storefront faces out onto a pier or the beachfront, then having a full cassette may help with the longevity of your awning as you are able to stow it away against the harsher elements.


If you’re trying to decide between a non-cassette, half cassette or a full cassette awning, then reach out to Mill Reef Signs today. We are a family-run firm with over 30 years’ experience. Our awnings signs and canopies are all made in-house and tailored to your needs. We like to talk to our customers and really get to know what your exact specifications are. Contact us now.

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