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We are a family run firm with over 30 years experience. Our awnings signs and canopies are all made in house tailored to your needs. We like to talk to our customers and really understand what they need. The answer is yes, now what's the question!





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Ready to get the perfect awning for your apartment building, business, or home?
VillaBOND® composite panel is a type of flat panel that consists of two thin Aluminium sheets.
At MillReef Signs we provide great quality foamboards at low prices.
We supply premium quality acrylic sheets to both trade and public clients.

From Start To FinishWe Offer A Full In-House Design Service

Our specialist in-house sign and awnings design team offer a range of services to meet your all of your requirements. From 3D lettering, to laser cutting and digital printing, we handle the whole project ourselves so if you've got a specific request, just let us know!

Light Boxes

LED light boxes with vibrant graphics are a very effective way of attracting attention to advertising

3D Letters

From idea and technical design, all the way through to fabrication and fitting – we have created and installed

Laser Cutting

We specialise in laser cutting services in the South London area and all over the UK for one off

Digital Printing

We offer personalised, quick turnaround digital printing services to the South London area.

services we offer to clientsOur Services

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  • Light Boxes LED light boxes with vibrant graphics are a very effective way of attracting
  • 3D Leters From idea and technical design, all the way through to fabrication and fitting
  • Laser Cutting We specialise in laser cutting services in the South London area and all over the UK
  • Digital PrintingNeed a digital print job? We are offering personalised, quick turnaround digital printing

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“Steve bowling. Loved working with these guys. Nothing too much trouble. Keep up the good work boys.“

Steve Bowling

“I never had to lift a finger with this firm. If you want to get a job done, go to these guys.“

Paul Chandler

“I needed my job fitted 6am on a rainy morning. These guys were ready to go at 5 30 am. Remarkable“

What is the difference between half cassette and full cassette awnings London?

A half cassette is mostly covered by attached metal casing, but a section of the awning is still visible and can’t be retracted. 

With a full cassette, the entire awning will be covered by the metal casing when rolled in. Meaning that no part of the awning London can be seen. 

These tend to be a better option for a more exposed property, whereas half cassettes are a wiser choice for sheltered patios and gardens. If you’re looking for awnings london, then get in contact withour team now.

How to clean awnings London?

The best way to clean an awning in London is to begin by scraping off any loose dirt, this can be done easily with a broom. Next use a bucket of warm soapy water to soak the fabric, then rid the awning of any excess dirt with a soft-bristled brush. 

Leave the awning to soak before washing any residual soap and dirt away. It’s best to let the awning dry naturally, which may take a little while. If you’re looking for a beautiful awning for your shop, then check out what we can do for you. Shop awnings London now.

How much do awnings cost in London?

You can expect to pay anywhere between £100 to £9000 for a standard patio awning, with more exclusive styles ranging from £1000 upwards. Some awnings also include electronic features which can drive up the price, such as a remote control or electric operation.

There is also the cost of the installation which differs from company to company across London. On average, this could add £400-£500 to the total ticket price and is something to take into consideration when investing in an awning London.

What material are awnings made of?

It is standard practise for awnings London to be made from vinyl, polyester, acrylic and cotton, with some branching out to other materials such as metal and fiberglass. Many businesses have found that the most popular awnings are ones made from acrylic and vinyl, due to their high durability levels and resistance to weather. Both fabrics protect against UV light and are also preventative of mold and mildew growth.

What are the best patio awnings London?

The most popular choice for patio awnings London are retractable ones, both manual and motorised. These provide shade from the sun and harmful UV rays, as well as protection from the rain. They are proven to be useful all year round, serving as a weather-resistant front for patios all across London. 

Maximising your space is key in a crowded city borough, with retractable patio awnings you are taking up as little room as possible and optimising the space you have.

Are awnings London worth it?

Their traditional shop use of keeping stock shaded from the sun whilst also protected from the rain has transitioned into home use. Awnings prevent sun damage to not only outdoor furniture but also indoor as well. 

They’re not just practical, awnings London also bring a certain stylish element to your London property, providing a perfect spot to relax under with family and friends. Whilst the upfront price may seem like a rather hefty investment, we believe the benefits of awnings outweigh the costs.

Can awnings get wet?

Yes. If an awning becomes wet due to light rainfall or for cleaning purposes, it will not cause damage to the fabric. However, please note that awnings London are not designed to withstand heavy rainfall, and we recommend them not to be in use for these weather conditions. The weight of the water can cause an awning to sag which may result in stretched material. 

If you have had to retract your awning whilst wet, make sure to extend it as soon as possible in order for it to dry naturally.

How do I know what size awning in London to buy?

The size of an awning all depends on the location you want it for, with sizes differing for shop fronts, patios and caravans to name a few. We can help you through the entire process of buying an awning in London, from beginning to installation. 

We also provide custom awnings, tailored to your specific needs and measurements. If you would like to receive your free quote today, give us a call or visit our contact page to fill in your details.

How long does it take to install an awning in London?

It is a quicker process than some might think. Awning installations in London can take as little as 30 minutes to only two hours, with some bigger projects requiring up to two days. Retractable awnings often take up to two hours, as they are generally lighter in weight and pre-assembled. 

Different factors also contribute to installation times, such as location, but if you’d like to get in touch we can provide you with an estimated production and installation schedule.

How large can an awning London be?

Every awning we create is designed specifically for the customer, made to their exact required measurements. However, awnings do have restrictions. They cannot extend past 14 feet and their width cannot surpass 40 feet, with the minimum requirements at 5ft across. 

We do suggest increasing your awning dimensions to 3 or 4 feet above the preferred area’s measurements. 

How long do canvas awnings London last?

Typical canvas awnings London last from around 8 to 10 years, if cared for in a proper manner.

Other materials have different lifespans, with cloth awnings lasting as long as 15 years in some circumstances. You might also be provided with a warranty depending on the company, placing reassurance in the quality of your awning for up to 5 years.

How much space do you need for awnings London?

At a minimum, your retractable awnings London must be 8 feet from the ground, unless you plan on mounting the awning over a swinging door, it will then need an additional 12 inches above the door in order to create some clearance space.

What is the best angle for awnings London?

45 degrees is the best angle for putting up your awnings London. This will be the optimum angle in order to block the sunlight in the summer, but let the sunlight in, in the winter. It will also allow you to have room to stand underneath it during light rain.

How do you remove old aluminium awnings London?

Firstly, make sure the awning is in a closed position. You will need a pry bar to pry the awning off the exterior wall. You can place the pry bar in between the awning and the exterior wall, carefully prying the awnings off the wall. Complete this persistently until all of the awnings have been removed. Use filler for the damaged walls and you’re done! You can usually take the remaining aluminium to a scrap yard and get some money for the metal.

What is the best material for awnings London?

Vinyl, acrylic, polyester and alternative fabrics such as cotton are the most frequently used material for awnings London. Acrylic and vinyl fabrics have been proven to be the most sustainable and weather-resistant materials- we use acrylic!

How long do awnings London last?

Typically, an awning lasts between 5-15 years depending on the fabric. We use acrylic which is the most popular and most sustainable material on the market. If you maintain your awnings London properly, this fantastic addition should last for a very long time.

Can you power wash awnings London?

You should never power wash your awnings with a pressure washer as it could damage them.

Do awnings London have to be fully extended?

If you have a manual awning, extend the awning fully and then retract it a quarter of a turn on the handle to allow the arms to flex in the wind.

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